About Our School

About Our School

Our Junior Senior High School consist of grades 7 – 12. Mr. Christopher Scanlan is our Junior/Senior High School Principal and Mr. Joel Richardson is our Junior/Senior High School Assistant Principal. They work together to provide the best academic structure for our school. Our bell schedule is as follows.


Regular Schedule

A/C Days Time B/D Days A Day/B Day Split

1st 7:55 AM – 9:15 AM 3rd 8:36

2nd 9:17 AM – 10:32 AM 4th 9:53

Lunch 10:34 AM – 11:04 AM Lunch

5/6th 11:06 AM – 12:21 PM 9th 11:42

8th 12:23 PM – 1:38 PM 10th 12:59

2 Hour Delay Schedule

A/C Days Time B/D Days A Day/B Day Split

1st 9:55 AM – 10:45 AM 3rd 10:21

Lunch 10:47 AM – 11:17 AM Lunch

2nd 11:19 AM – 12:04 AM 4th 11:40

5/6th 12:06 AM – 12:51 PM 9th 12:27

8th 12:53 PM – 1:38 PM 10th 1:14

School Objectives

1. To create the best classroom environment for learning and for teaching.

2. To increase student time on task.

3. To achieve consistency in discipline in the school.

4. To provide students with clear expectations concerning behaviors.

5. To improve home and school communications and cooperation for the benefit of the students.

School Philosophy

The Waterford - Halfmoon Union Free School District is committed to excellence in its school program. We provide excellent academic choices for our students. Classes offered can be viewed in the Guidance section. Enthusiasm and school spirit are an important component to our student’s education. We offer many different sports and clubs for our students to join. The district believes that all students can behave at school, and have the responsibility to behave in a manner that allows teachers to teach and students to learn.